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Australia Holidays proposals

The best way to visit the main towns of Australia, travelling assisted and pampered all the time, without any organizational problem, and for those who love to travel with.

A good alternative to savings of about EUR 500 per person is making the same route at the individual level, providing even lower category hotels, which are still good and located centrally in town, guide / assistance in Italian or English only when hiking in site and regular daily departures.
Ideal for those who want to discover the destination alone, but without renouncing to on-site and a route already planned.
They can also provide car rental in some areas.
Even here you can add a beautiful living sea!

Visit some of the most beautiful parts of Australia in an original way! In small groups with a guide in English and nights in a unique and original locations.

The Great Ocean Road from € 296
Explore one of the best scenic drives in the world. In over 800 kms separating Melbourne from Adelaide you will find a sub-tropical rainforest, beaches, national parks and the extraordinary formations of the 12 Apostles.

Adventure tours Australia from € 1790
14 days to explore the east coast of Australia, seeing the best Australian beaches and enjoying the unique activities.

Nullarbor Traveller from € 990
9 days from Perth to Adelaide - Camping Adventure
Journey through the vast treeless plain of Nullarbor, the wildest part of the great Australian outback, offering the widest range of wildlife in the most beautiful and unique scenery than any other part of the country!

Safari in the Red Centre from € 460
4x4 Tour of 2/3/4 nights in camping to visit all the icons of the Red Centre and make an incredible experience. It includes: guide, entrance to the parks, camping equipment, all meals.

Safari from Kakadu to Uluru € 980
Package of 10 days that includes icons of the Northwest Territories and includes 6 nights camping in permanent tents with shared facilities and 3 nights in a double room. For those who want to enjoy the night sky are provided sleeping bags.

Top End Safari from € 570
2/3/4 nights in campgrounds or semi permanent ones to visit and appreciate the Top End with stunning views to have unforgettable memories.

Kangaroo Island € 360
From Adelaide at 6 am every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Sunday only in the summer)
Adventurous days around the island with accommodation in a stone private house and all meals included.

Tasman flavors from € 230
6 day tour (3 days in the West Coast and 3 days in the East Coast) to delight the island icons, with expert guides and unique accommodations.


For periods of one or more nights including some meals, transfers and guide.
To all prices, all per person, must be added the possible insurance and / or enrollment fees.



Australia destinations

Australia destinations - Vacanze Australia

We offer complete planning and care of every aspect of your journey in Australia: land transport, sea and air; reservation of hotels, resorts and hotels; excursions and trips; reporting and booking of cultural events, social sports.
Try our offers to explore the regions of Australia:

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Northern Territory
  • Victoria
  • South Australia
  • Tasmania
  • Western Australia

Australia Holidays packages

Australia Holidays packages - Vacanze Australia

Australia Holidays offers a wide range of solutions for all types of age, pocket and taste. We have packages for:

  • Families
  • Guys
  • Couples
  • Business and sports delegations
  • And so on..

Accomodations in Australia

Australia offers a variety of possibilities for generally low-priced accommodations with cleanliness and efficiency guaranteed everywhere.

The Hotels
In Australia there is no real official classification of hotels that typically fall in the ranges of medium to high price (resorts, boutique hotels, motels, motor inn-"American" solution that will take your own car out the room door) while in the lowest price ranges we find the hotel pub. Not forgetting the luxury hotels. In some remote locations you may find that the quality standard is lower than the usual Western services.
The resorts is one of the most interesting solutions in Australia, a kind of resort hotel in beautiful places.
The classic hotels are mainly located in larger cities, but there are also placed in natural areas (with the birds which wake you up and welcome) and quirky places like Coober Pedy (underground!)
The check-in is after 3 pm and the check out must be before 11 am. Most intercontinental flights arrive early in the morning, so if you want an immediate allocation of the rooms must be booked the night before arrival. The triple rooms consist of 2 single beds and a half, or a double bed and a single bed. Children under 12 years old benefit from special conditions from property to property variables for children staying in room with parents.
It is common practice of the hotels require customers to leave the imprint of a credit card or a deposit in cash of around 100 AUD. This is a standard procedure as a deposit applied by hotels for incidental charges.
We selected only some proposals based on the best price-quality.

Open Voucher
It is a set of hotels connected to each other with the same booking system, and being located all over Australia are the best and most suitable solution for those who wish to spend their vacation in more free and engaging way (on the road).
The booking is very easy being equipped with a green phone number accessible 24 hours a day.
The categories of rooms are divided by color, which corresponds to the hotel category booked.
They are excellent hotels that feature all the comforts, some of these, in large cities, they are also luxury class, all with parking or parking space as they are frequented mainly by tourists with car.
Reservation is required, no penal for cancellation done in the day, the unused vouchers are not refundable in any way.

The Lodges
In most cases they are located in fabulous places, among the lush vegetation or forest of eucalyptus; lying on a deserted beach; in a mountainous region or in the middle of the Australian bush. Let groped by the programs of daily activities in contact with nature or simply sweet...doing nothing.
Price per couple per night in a double is from 120 €.

You will take a dip in the colonial past thanks to the Cottages, colonial houses in typical English style. There are many and really delicious in Tasmania as the "Cottages of the Colony" and in Western Australia for example in Freemantle.

The B&B are small distinctive hotels or often large private houses used as shelters without that this will change the characteristics, often managed by the owners. They are found in both cities and in the countryside, and there is a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. You will have the choice between rooms with private or shared facilities. They have stairs to go up to the rooms but the owners know this so they help you also to take up the kids!
Price double room per night: from 120 € to 230 € (an average of 130 €) includes bed and breakfast plentiful.

You can also rest on trees..it's a really exciting experience! For example in the southwest of Cairns.

In Homesteads you discover a new lifestyle!I't a unusual and unique experience, made of days outdoors, driving a tractor, repairing fences and shearing sheep.

The Apartment is also available for a single night! It offers generous space with washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, cups, cookies, tea bags and above all separate rooms for parents and children. In Adelaide are very beautiful, close to the center with all facilities.

The youth hostels are open to all with no age limit, offering basic but entirely comfortable accommodation, with the advantage of spending very little and very often find themselves in strategic positions. There's a hundred, most along the southeast coast. The atmosphere is friendly and informal, the sheets will borrow, and you arrange to make the bed, the bathroom is in the room and the breakfast is never included (you can take advantage of the kitchenette and dishes available). They propose a stay of 5 days / 4 nights or 4 days / 3 nights in many cities. These packages include accommodation (in rooms with 4 or 6 beds with shared facilities), transfer on arrival from the airport to the hotel, breakfast and a welcome kit with information about the city.
YHA Card is compulsory.

In the economy segment the are also the Camping that, in addition to hosting campers, caravans and tents, allow you to spend the night in stable caravans or bungalows (wood or masonry); they regularly found in enviable positions.

Excursions in Australia

We offer many excursions in Australia: for a full or half day with daily departures or on fixed days to visit the city where you are staying and the surroundings.
To al prices, all per person, must be added the possible insurance and / or enrollment fees.
You have the option to purchase packages of 4 tickets to use for day trips throughout Australia!
From € 451.

Vacanze Australia

Vacanze Australia