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News for your trip to Australia

News for your trip to Australia - Vacanze Australia

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Named by its inhabitants The Land Down Under because it is located in the southern hemisphere, it's the sixth nation of the world.
It has an area of ​​about 7,703,429 square kilometers (an extension almost equal to that of the United States and Europe!) and it has only 20,109,000 inhabitants, equivalent to the number of Northern Italy!
An infinite land of contrasts, it is a country rich in diverse scenarios with each other, but united by an exceptional spectacle.

Australia, has seasons reversed from us so the warmer months are December, January and February, while the coldest are June, July and August.
Called "the land of 7 seasons" by Aborigines it can be visited all year although the best period is from February to May, which corresponds to the end of their summer and early autumn with pleasant temperatures.
Also the climate naturally varies depending on the area.
In the north of the country it is tropical with a dry season from May to October, ideal for visiting Kakadu, the Kimberley and tropical forests of Queensland, and a rainy season from November to May, with high temperatures, high humidity and the possibility of cyclones; in fact many areas are closed to tourists. On the northern islands of the reef the rains are more frequent in the months of January and February.
On the east coast, from the southern islands of the Great Barrier Reef to Sydney, the rains are spread throughout the year with pleasant temperatures in all seasons.
The Outback has a dry desert climate with high temperature range and high temperatures especially from November to March (over 40 ° in Alice Springs and Ayers Rock), where they flies become annoying.
Autumn is very nice especially in Canberra and in the Victorian Alps, where, between June and October, there is the ski season with the best facilities that also found in New South Wales and Tasmania.
The southern regions have a climate similar to our Mediterranean, although during the Australian winter in the cities that are not facing the coast the temperatures can reach fairly cold. Even if the weather is not favorable, we recommend a visit to Kangaroo Island areas because it is easier to see animals throughout the course of the day than in the summer periods.
In the West, in particular in Perth, the weather is very hot in summer and it has mild winters.
During the summer school holiday period (corresponding to our Christmas) and the period of the Easter holiday is easy to find the sold out in many locations.

Meeting with Aboriginal culture
Traditional Owners, called the Aborigines today. The original inhabitants of Australia, still divided into tribes with different dialects and customs from each other, lead us to the discovery of their culture in which the dominant element is always the relationship with "Mother Earth" and its fruits.
Many of the places you visit during the excursions and tours are accessible only if you are accompanied by a representative of the aboriginal tribes of the land owner in which they are located.


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Visit our website Australia Holidays!

Visit our website Australia Holidays! - Vacanze Australia

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Why visit Australia

Unique land in the world for its outback (his heart, his soul), its coasts, its cities, its nature, the ancestral aboriginal spirit, the freedom to move.

Its so many and different treasures from each other so that you can live them in a single continent.

The diversity of nature is accompanied by a great diversity of culture, (the Aboriginal and the Anglo-Saxon people), that is the strength of this young country with fresh and cosmopolitan atmosphere which ables to host and live together different races and cultures.

The remoteness and is perhaps the trump card to protect itself from the rest of the world and lets Australia to be a peaceful, good and safe country. In fact, its security and the informal spirit of its people put you immediately at ease.

The destination is visited all year round with different climates that allow you to go skiing in the southern states one day, and to immerse yourself in the mild waters around the Great Barrier Reef the next day!

An ideal destination for a honeymoon, a trip to Australia is suitable for everyone: young people, families with children, sports.


Australia is not an expensive country

A 3-star hotel in the city costs range from EUR 80 to EUR 130 per night per room. Generally more expensive accommodations are in the parks, protected areas and Islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

The intercontinental flights costs dependes on the airline, the execution period and how long you book before. It ranges from a minimum of about € 900-1000 in low season to € 1990 in high season, allowing you to use up to three internal flights.

The daily car hire is from € 66 in the city, from € 94 in a remote, from € 118 for a Toyota Rav 4. The daily motorhome hire is from € 92.

The many means of public transport including trams, ferries and the monorail which are affordable as well as being efficient, clean, reliable.

So Australia offers an excellent value for money.


Australia by guiness!
Australia is the largest island in the world, the only one to be a continent, the smallest one, the only continent which is a nation, the only nation born as a prison and the last land colonized by Europeans.
It's the country with the largest monolith in the world (Uluru-Ayers Rock), the largest living organism (the Great Barrier Reef) and the only one visible from the moon, with the highest number of beaches (more than 7000), with the long railway straight stretch (478 km), with the longest fence in the world, with the ten types of the most venomous snakes, with the highest number of rabbits (over 10 billion).
It also offers the greatest and the oldest number of flowers, that grow up in the most pristine continent with a great energy charge.

The Eucalyptus is miraculous!
Its beneficial and healing properties are known throughout the world: it is effective in treatment of respiratory infections, intestinal and urogenital. The coal of its wood is used in case of accidental poisoning by rotten food. Also it appears to be effective in some cases of diabetes and in dealing with toccature wounds and burns.
Its intense aroma is a friend of the well-being: it is frequently used as a deodorant and cleansing of impure skin, and generally to prepare for body cleansers. In the spa treatments its aroma is used as a perfumer of saunas and steam baths. The essential oil of the plant is in many cases used for a range of massages.
Requiring a great need of water, it was useful in the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes in the first decades of the twentieth century. The eucalyptus was planted there intensively, and because it helped to dry up the land from the stagnant water, and because the rows created by the trees worked perfectly well as a windbreak against the frequent tornadoes that struck the area.
The eucalyptus wood is very suitable for the production of paper and as a fuel.


Vacanze Australia

Vacanze Australia